Mall Ideas

The sand is brought into the mall then dumped into a watertight box and gets packed into a big solid block of sand in a process we call the poundup. This process happens overnight when the mall is closed to the public. The carving process can then commence and, depending on the size, take days or weeks to complete. The patrons can watch the process and check back at intervals thus freeing them to enjoy the shopping and food your mall has to offer. The sculptors work through most open hours of the mall in a quiet and professional manner. We have been told the sand sculpture is the best entertainment they have ever seen at the mall.

Mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA

-- 2003 200 ton equivalent* "Rainforest"​

Sculptors – Brad Goll, Kevin Crawford, Greg Glenn, Fred Dobbs, Alan Matsumoto

--2004 200 ton equivalent* "Underwater Grotto"

Liberty Place, Philadelphia, PA

-- 1999 200 ton equivalent* "Philly Firsts"

Sculptors – Brad Goll, Kevin Crawford, Dan Belcher, Fred Dobbs, Alan Matsumoto, Kathi Goll

--2000 200 ton equivalent* "RNC"

-- 2002 200 ton equivalent* "Heroes"

Downtown Plaza, Sacramento, CA

-- 2003 75 ton equivalent* "Underwater Fantasy"

Sculptors: Brad Goll, Kevin Crawford,  Fred Dobbs

Foothills Fashion Mall, Fort Collins, CO

-- 2001 One 50 ton sculpture in center court and two 25 ton sculptures elsewhere. Themed "Local Interests"

Sculpted with Dan Belcher

Winrock Mall, Albuquerque, NM

-- 2001 50 ton sculpture "New Mexico Collage"

Sculpted with Kevin Crawford

* Note: it is equivalent in size, but the sand is packed over foam blocks because of floor loading issues – it looks like the equivalent but is considerably less sand.