Festival Ideas

The sand gets packed into a big solid block of sand in a process we call the poundup. This occurs before the event starts, sometimes even before the vendors start setting up, making the dumping of the sand easier. This early start enables the media to also start covering the sculpture construction earlier increasing the exposure. The carving process continues up to and throughout the event with a finished sculpture by the end. The sculptors work each day in a quiet and professional manner. We have been told the sand sculpture is the most popular entertainment at the event.

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, State College, PA

-- 2001 20 tons of "Well Known Scientists"

--2002 20 tons of "Classic Stories Depicted in Movies"

-- 2004 "Famous Leaders"

-- 2005 "Underwater Reef"

-- 2006 "Fairy Tales"

-- 2007 "Classic Toys"

Lexington BBQ Festival, Lexington, NC

-- 2002 35 ton sculpture of "The Three Little Pigs 'BBQing' the Wolf"

Sculptors – Brad Goll, Alan Matsumoto

--2003 they bumped it up to a 50 ton sculpture of "Mount Pigmore" with "Crazy Hog" on the back

Sculptors – Brad Goll, Fred Dobbs

-- 2006 continuing the 50 ton size was a twist on an old TV series "HeeHawg"

Sculptors – Brad Goll, Alan Matsumoto

Jacksonville 4th of July Celebration

-- 2006 50 ton sculpture of "4th of July, Patriotic Theme"

Sculptors – Brad Goll, Jill Harris and Thomas Koet

Detroit Festival of the Arts

-- 2003 75 ton "Fairy Tales" and 2006 "Alice in Wonderland"

2003 sculpted by Brad Goll, Kevin Crawford, Karen Fralich – 2006 sculpted by Brad Goll, Greg and Brandi Glenn

Fair Saint Louis

-- 2003 75 ton Fourth of July "Salute to Freedom"

Sculptors – Brad Goll, Dan Belcher, Fred Dobbs

Vision Australia Fundraiser, Rye Beach, Victoria, Australia

-- 2003 "Africa" part of a much larger event "Going Wild" with animals from around the world

Sculptors Brad Goll, Karen Fralich