About Sand Sculpture

The Sand Sculpture has been around for many years. It’s beginnings, as you can imagine, started on the beach with sculptors showing off their abilities to passersby on boardwalks or people strolling along the beach. Today’s professional sand sculptures range from small tabletop displays consisting of a couple buckets of sand taking a few hours to construct, to behemoth beach sculptures consisting of tens of thousands of tons of sand taking crews of sculptors weeks and months to construct using heavy equipment (loaders, tampers, fire hoses for water,…) and all sizes in between. They get built indoors— in malls, churches, conventions centers, trade shows, and window-front displays, outdoors— at fairs, festivals, beaches, and outdoor shopping plazas. Sand has been dumped in parking lots, sidewalks, streets, center courts of malls, planters, fountains (without the water), parks and, yes, even children’s sandboxes.

20 ton “Underwater Reef Scene” sculpted at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College, PA