Sand sculpture has the ability to draw, captivate and entertain a crowd. It appeals to all people, young and old alike. Most people have been to the beach and have attempted to build a sand castle or sculpture of some kind, which means they can relate to the sculptures we do. Some are amazed at the height or engineering involved with a larger sculpture. Others are blown away with the artistic nature shown in some of the characters or architecture. Still others are flabbergasted at the amount of patience the sculptors must have to achieve some of the intricate detail. The construction of many of the displays happens over several days, weeks or months depending on the size. The process of building the sculptures is very engaging to the public and keeps them coming back to see the progress. During the construction the sculptors interact with the public and answer questions about the sand and the process necessary to create the carving. Once completed the sculptures continue to be a draw. Especially to the spectators that saw the process, who will come back to see them completed. The sculptures will last much longer than they normally do at the beach. Indoors they have remained standing for years – there are no elements (rain, wind, pounding surf, etc.) to wear on them and as long as they remain untouched they will last. Outdoors they can be covered with a tent or sprayed with a sealer to help them last longer.

Centerpiece of a 75 ton castle carved for an Oktoberfest Celebration in Frankenmuth, MI
Carved with Dan Belcher